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How it works.

  • Curated portfolios

    Within 3 minutes, we custom build a portfolio tailored to you and your goals. Your portfolio invests with some of the most prestigious fund managers in the world.

  • Human investment team

    Round has a team of professional investors that constantly monitor your portfolio. No matter what size your account is, your portfolio is being looked after.

  • Real communication

    We update you weekly on what's going in the market and your portfolio, in words you can understand. No more confusing finance jargon.


Well, lucky for you we've got answers.

How does the app work?

Once inside the app, you enter your financial information, your bank account, and you get a custom built portfolio. From there you just have to start with an initial deposit and add money as you go!

How secure is my money?

Your investments and cash are stored with Apex Clearing, a custodian and broker-dealer. Accounts are SIPC insured up to $500,000.

Why do you need my Social Security number and bank login info?

We need to verify your identity because of the Patriot Act, but rest assured, Round doesn't store your social security number. Your bank login info is never stored either, it is just used to link your bank account to deposit money.

What are Round's Fees?

Round is waiving it's advisory fees until June 1st, 2019. This means you are not being charged any advisory fee by Round! It is important to note that this does not include the underlying fees charged by the mutual funds and ETFs in your Round portfolio. Also, Apex Clearing, the custodian and broker-dealer, may charge returned deposit fees and other miscellaneous fees. See the full details in the client agreement.

Access the world's best fund managers.

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