How we invest.

There are thousands of funds out there. Rather than trying to sort through the good and the bad yourself, we do this for you. Your portfolio is invested with some of the most prestigious funds and is diversified with thousands of underlying assets. Here are some of the areas you get exposure to:

  • Alternative Debt

    Within this investment, you can find bundles of business, housing, and auto loans. These are unique investments that typically only big institutional investors invest in.

  • Growth Stocks

    Growth stocks represent companies that are expected to grow at a higher rate relative to the rest of the stock market.

  • High Yield Debt

    These are borrowings of companies that are paying a high-interest rate back to its lenders.

  • Bonds

    This is a large basket of government bonds, municipal bonds, and large company bonds.

  • Large Company Stocks

    These are stocks of some of the largest companies in the world. Think the Google's, Amazon's, and Apple's of the world.

  • Emerging Markets

    These are stocks of companies that are located in countries that are expected to grow in the coming years.

  • Value Stocks

    These are stocks trading at a lower price than how the company's performance may otherwise indicate. Investing in a value stock attempts to take advantage of inefficiencies in the stock market.

  • Bank Loans

    These are loans to companies typically issued by banks and traded in the financial markets. These are typically traded by big banks and fund managers.

  • Hedges

    These are investments that are intended to reduce the risk of a major loss in your portfolio.

  • Real Estate

    These investments are in real estate companies that own, operate, and finance real-estate holdings.

  • Small Company Stocks

    These are stocks of smaller companies that have the potential to grow.

  • Crypto

    Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are all the rage. A well-rounded portfolio could benefit from some exposure to crypto.

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