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Refer a Friend Program Terms and Conditions

Through the Round Refer a Friend Program you can invite friends to sign up for a Round account by sending them an invitation via the Round interface.

Please send invites only to people you know personally who will be glad to get them. Round will send one invite and up to two reminders to each friend you invite: (1) in your name; and/or (2) with your name. The reminders may be different from the original invite and can be canceled by emailing

Round, in its discretion, from time to time and at any time, may (a) reward you with $5 or our current, or other applicable, referral promotion amount, including in the form of securities, which will be deposited in your Round account and subsequently invested for you, when you refer a Qualifying New Account (as defined below). You may receive up to $1,000 for referring Qualifying New Accounts. Round may also reward your referee friend with $5 or our current, or other applicable, promotion amount, including in the form of securities, with a Qualifying New Account. Or (b) Round will waive its management fees on the first $15,000 we manage for you for a year refer, when you refer at least five Qualifying New Accounts. The fee waiver is per client not per account. Free time applies only to management fees charged by Round for investment advisory services and does not include any fees and expenses charged to stockholders by the funds held in your Round account.

A “Qualifying New Account” is a new individual Round account opened by your Round referee friend using the special designated link from your invitation, which your referee friend funds with an initial deposit, provided that the initial deposit is not withdrawn for 90 days. Round is not responsible for incorrect entry or other failure on the part of your referee to meet the standards of a Qualifying New Account.

This promotion is not valid with any other offers and is non-transferrable. Offer available to U.S. residents only. Round reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time for any reason, to limit the amount of account bonuses you are eligible to receive, and to refuse or recover any promotion award if Round determines that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, that inaccurate or incomplete information was provided in opening the account, that any rules or regulations would be violated, or that any terms of the Round Account Agreements have been violated.

In referring friends to open a Round account you are acting on behalf of Round and under the supervision and control of Round. You agree to limit the information you provide in connection with the referral to the referral web page and email provided by Round and further agree that you will not provide individuals with recommendations regarding their specific needs or investment decisions. You agree that your participation in the Round Refer a Friend Program will conform to the terms contained herein as well as the provisions of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, 15 U.S.C. § 80b-1, and the rules thereunder. You hereby represent that: (1) you are not subject to any statutory disqualification set forth in Sections 203(e) and 203(f) of the Investment Advisors Act (or any amended or replacement regulatory provision(s)); (2) you are not currently the subject of any investigation or proceeding which could result in statutory disqualification; and (3) you do not have a “place of business” at which you regularly provide investment advisory services, solicit, meet with, or otherwise communicate with clients, or any other location that is held out to the general public as a location at which you provide investment advisory services, solicit, meet with, or otherwise communicate with clients in any U.S. state. If you cannot accurately make the preceding representations, you may not participate in the Refer a Friend Program. If you are currently participating in the Refer a Friend Program and the preceding representations become inaccurate, you agree to immediately inform Round at

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