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Access to world-class fund managers

  • We match you with the best

    Our technology matches your money with a curated mix of world-class fund managers. Learn more about these specialized fund managers.

    Experts manage your portfolio

    This means an alternative fixed-income specialist could be managing 12% of your portfolio, a well-respected growth stock manager looking after 8%, and other expert managers looking after the rest.

    Get started in minutes

    You can create an account, fund it, and start investing in 3 minutes with as little as $5.

Active management

  • Managing both risk and return

    Don't just passively ride the up and down waves of the market. The actively managed funds on Round aim to navigate the choppy waters in order to achieve the best possible return while also managing risk.

    Alternative assets and strategies

    The fund managers often have significant resources and employ experienced teams with deep expertise in unique investment areas. Say goodbye to passive stock and bond portfolios.

    Tactical portfolio allocations

    You might still eat that 2-week old tuna sandwich sitting in your fridge, but we don't take the same risks with your money. That's why we have an internal second layer of defense where your portfolio can be re-allocated away from excess risk.

Round's fees

We're putting our money where our mouth is. We have so much conviction in the fund managers on the Round platform, that if your return is negative, we won't charge you a fee*. What other financial firm is willing to do that?

Fee structure that's

aligned with you

If your return is positive

0.5% annual fee* Get started

If your return is negative

Fee is waived*
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Well, lucky for you we've got answers.

How does the app work?

Once inside the app, you enter your financial information, your bank account, and you get a custom built portfolio. From there you just have to start with an initial deposit and add money as you go!

How secure is my money?

Your investments and cash are stored with Apex Clearing, a custodian and broker-dealer. Accounts are SIPC insured up to $500,000. To learn more about security, click here.

Why do you need my Social Security number and bank login info?

We need to verify your identity because of the Patriot Act, but rest assured, Round doesn't store your social security number. Your bank login info is never stored either, it is just used to link your bank account to deposit money.

How are fees charged?

Round accounts are charged an annual advisory fee of 0.50%, split up into monthly charges. To see the full details click here.

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