About Us

We believe that everyone should have access to a well-rounded investment solution. That starts with having a well-rounded team.

Our team is comprised of portfolio managers, financial engineers, analysts, and software engineers that come from some of the most prestigious financial services firms in the world. We have deep industry experience investing for hedge funds and private equity, as well as developing complex financial software for the big banks themselves.

We have 100% of our savings and investments in our Round portfolios, which means means we invest alongside you.

-Saul & Ron

Saul Cohen

Saul was on a portfolio management team that managed a multi-billion dollar portfolio at Guggenheim Partners.

While at Guggenheim his team won multiple awards for running some of the best hedge fund and mutual fund strategies in the world.

Before this, he worked in investment banking and valuations with a math-heavy focus in financial derivatives.

The rest of the team thinks that his true calling though is acting (check out the videos).

Ron Rojany

Ron was a software engineer at Bridg, a leading big data marketing company.

Before this Ron headed up product for a health tech company that built both hardware and software.

All he cares about is building products that help people.

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